Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Perfect umbrella weather.

It's raining today in Oakland. It's not a crazy nasty storm like we had a couple weekends ago. Almost all my northern California blog buddies and several people on Facebook I know from the bio-region all said about the same thing a couple weekends back, and that was "Day-am!"

Today it's just raining. It's not very cold and so far there is no wind, so it's perfect umbrella weather. Since I don't have a car, my options when I go outside are bike, walk or public transportation. Today, all my errands were nearby, so walking was the obvious choice. I'm not a complete wuss about getting wet on the bicycle, but the brakes don't work as well in this weather, so walking is much safer.

When it's really a storm, an umbrella keeps my head and maybe my shoulders dry, but if I have to travel any distance, my pants are definitely going to be soaked straight through below the knees and keeping the umbrella from pushing me around becomes aerobic exercise.

Not today. Just a little wet, not too cold. Most people would think I'm crazy to call this a nice day, but this is exactly the kind of weather we should have in December in Oakland.

I like it like this.

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namastenancy said...

I think that the chilly weather is a perfect excuse for some hot drinks - laced with whatever alcohol content takes your fancy. Personally, I like hot buttered rum with a dash of cinnamon.