Monday, February 21, 2011

Fashion and family.

It was Fashion Week earlier this month in New York City, and one of designers at the Academy of Art University show was none other than my adorable niece Holly Smith-Smith, who you will find out more about if you click the family photos label at the bottom.

She's the cute girl in the big picture.

Okay, I'll play nice. The other woman is a runway model, so she's cute, too. Holly is the cute one in black waving to the crowd.

First rule of thumb at Fashion Week. Models don't wave.

Anyway, there were also write-ups on the show in Kenton magazine, the Blashonista website and a piece about Holly's stuff exclusively in Bobbin Talk, which includes this backstage picture of Holly getting the dresses ready.

I'm so happy she got this opportunity and I send her all my best wishes for future success, which I am sure regular readers will want to second.

Yay, Holly! Yay, hoodies and boobies! Yay, fashion!


namastenancy said...

Very nice work - sleek and stylish. I like that she's avoided some the foolish excess of some current fashion designers. A class act.

Holly said...

Thanks Uncle Matty Boy! And thank you Nancy for the lovely compliments! Oh, and the boobs weren't intentional, but I knew there would be some folks out there who wouldn't mind! ;)

Matty Boy said...

Oh sure, nipple slips are never anyone's fault! At least the model came back out on stage wearing the dress and smiling.

In all seriousness, it's a very pretty design and it follows in the tradition of taking what people wear on the street and turning it into couture. Good stuff.

Abu Scooter said...

Glad to see Holly getting some professional love!

Karlacita! said...

And yay, it's Holly's birthday today! Awesome!!

dguzman said...

She is still just as cute as a button!

Matty Boy said...

Yes. The cuteness abides.