Saturday, February 26, 2011

Google changing gears. Bad for Matty Boy?

According to a story on the Huffington Post, Google is changing their search engine to favor sites that produce original content and downgrade "low quality sites" that do not.

I haven't seen the nuts and bolts of their new method, but that should mean they would favor this site and show less interest in The Other Blog, where I take the headlines from the supermarket gossip rags every week and publish them in a easy to find place that cross references stuff. It's not completely without original content. Sometimes I make jokes I call Extra Bonus Mocking, where I add an allegedly clever quip to the story.

As it stands right now, four people show up at the Other Blog for every one who shows up here. The only consolation I have for this blog is that people who show up here stay a little longer on average, 38 seconds compared to 24 seconds. In any case, we will see if my silly tabloid blog is an example of the sort of thing The Google frowns upon over the next few weeks, and if this "high quality/low quality" split is really targeted at bloggers or not.


Fran said...

I think that Google is, purposefully or not, picking on you.

I don't like it.

Emphyrio said...

I think it's an attempt to combat "content farms" as described in


Nelly Frittata said...

The only reason I went to "The Other Blog" was to click on an ad or two to put a little change in your pocket. Now there's no motivation so I will just stick with this thoughtful, fun, intelligent, original content blog.

Matty Boy said...

Fran: The proof is yet to be seen, but I fear you are correct.

Emphyrio: Excellently informative. Thank you.

Nelly F.: It's your decision, of course, but how will you know when Jennifer Aniston meets that special someone? :^)