Thursday, February 10, 2011

I read it for the articles.

Silvio Berlusconi is prime minister of Italy. He also runs a major Italian television network, and always seems to be "hands on" when hiring the honeys that will be on his network.

And we are definitely talking "honeys", as in very pretty and very plural.

Think Newt Gingrich's politics, Donald Trump's ethics and Hugh Hefner's horny-ness, with more money than all of them combined.

Talking Points Memo has a slideshow of the many women involved in the multiple brewing scandals, including this young lady who got a lavish gift from Berlusconi for her 18th birthday. Berlusconi turns 75 this year.

Enjoy the slideshow. You may want to turn the lights down. Some Marvin Gaye might also be in order.

"There's... nothin' wrong with me-eee... lovin' you-oo!"

(I take it back. There might be something wrong, like certain laws.)

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namastenancy said...

I know that the Italians love pretty girls - I enjoyed being a young, attractive and full figured young woman in Italy. But pretty young things + Berlusconi is not so pretty. His wife certainly thinks so and now, it appears that a portion of the Italian public think so as well. But is that enough to get him thrown out of office? Time will tell - but in the meantime, poor Italy.
However, your slide show is sweeter than chocolate gelato.