Saturday, February 19, 2011

Leaving the professional ranks under a cloud of scandal!

There are no longer ads over on the Other Blog.

You know when I asked folks to go click on ads? Google frowns on that so they suspended my account.

I'm still going to report on the tabloids, but I am going to have to figure out some other way to become fabulously wealthy now that my steady stream of $100 a month from my silly, tacky blog has dried up.

The struggle continues.


Fran said...

You know, that is just so wrong. I mean Google shutting you down because you wanted some ad clicks?

Talk about the pot calling the kettle noir. As I am wont to say, it is not the heat but the stupidity, isn't it?

Sorry Matty. It feels like BP closing your gas station because you spilled a drop of oil.

Abu Scooter said...

Wait: Someone pays you for the right to put ads on your blog, and then slaps you because readers are clicking on them? That's just silly.

WV=mentets. Weren't mentets the arrogant, brainy aliens who kept pestering Doctor Who? (j/k)

Anonymous said...

When will this nonsense stop?

namastenancy said...

That sucks! They slap ads all over their web pages - why can't you have a discrete ad or two? Or are only the lords high muckey muck allowed to make money? Curses upon them! Curses I say!

Matty Boy said...

Hey, it's their game and their rules. Before this, the thing that annoyed me most was when they put ads in Chinese on my blog. I had next to no Chinese readers, so Google was stealing from me and from whatever company asked them to put their ads in useful places.

It was free money. I didn't really ever think I earned it, and now it's gone. That's the way of the world.

Abu Scooter: Mentets is awfully close to Mentats, the human computers in the Dune books.

Padre Mickey said...

As a Wobblie, I say it's time to smash them Google bastids!!!
Bloggers of the world, unite!! You have nothing to lose but your google link chains!!!

sfmike said...

Interesting, cool, ridiculous and icky all in one fell swoop. That's interesting they would try to regulate "sincerity," as if only THEY are allowed to game the system in any way. They're setting themselves up for rebellion and failure with this kind of behavior.

As for your Other Site, I will no longer feel guilty about not clicking on those fucking awful ads and can enjoy the silliness for its own sake.

Matty Boy said...

Padre: It would be wonderful if the bloggers revolted, but that means we would have to put on pants and get out of our mom's basements, and I don't see that happening en masse.

sfmike: The silliness shall continue. Now that this episode of making money from a blog has come to an end, I can say for sure what my favorite moment was, and you, my dear Mr. Strickland, play a part.

A friend of mine got tickets to see John Adams' El NiƱo at the symphony last December and invited me. She got the tickets from her parents, so it didn't cost her anything, but I still felt obligated. We got to S.F. early and had dinner at The Blue Muse, a restaurant introduced to me by sfmike. My friend Georgia and I usually go Dutch, but when the tab came and she suggested the usual situation, I waved her off, pulled out a credit card and said "No, we'll let the blog pay for dinner."

Our waitress shot me a surprised glance and said with obvious envy, "Your blog can pay for dinner?"

When the waitress left, I smiled at Georgia over my small triumph. "I may be old and fat, but I can still impress the cute hipster girlies."

Padre Mickey said...

Yeah, most bloggers are just revolting.