Saturday, March 26, 2011

As one gets older, the mind wanders.
Part Two.

Songs get stuck in people's heads. This is not a sign of senility or hearing voices. This is how the human brain works. Usually, when a song gets put in heavy rotation in the soft gooey grey .mp3 player I have between my ears, I can usually go back and track the reason why with some forensic precision.

For instance, there is a movie in theaters right now that I have no intention of seeing, but the posters are plastered all around at the BART stations.

For me, the next logical step is for my brain to cue up The Reflections singing their cheesy 1960s hit (Just Like) Romeo and Juliet, a song which completely misses the point of Shakespeare's play, but no matter.

It's catchy.

But sometimes I have no idea how a song jumps to the top of my brain's playlist. I think it's because as one gets older, the mind tends to wander.

This Thursday, it was like Dave Chappelle as Samuel L. Jackson came out, slapped me upside the head and screamed


As Casey Kasem must have said a jillion times, here's Freda Payne and her number one hit from 1970, Band Of Gold.

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