Monday, March 7, 2011

Introducing the Bachelor-mobile!

Volkswagen has been working on a new prototype for truly basic transportation for about three years now and has unveiled the prototype, announcing it will be available for sale in China in 2012, just in time for the end of the world if we are to believe those pesky Mayans. The car is four feet wide, eleven feet long, a single seater with a rear mounted one cylinder diesel engine that in prototype got over 100 km per liter of fuel, which would mean getting between 230 to 260 miles per gallon. The tank holds 1.7 gallons (7 liters) and the price before tax, tip and dealer preparation will be about 4000 yuan, which right now translates to $600 American.

I call dibs on the nickname The Bachelor-mobile for three important reasons.

1. The owner is completely oblivious to the idea that his car is a phallic extension.
2. The owner is happy to let the world know he is as cheap as hell.
3. Sorry, honey, I can't give you a lift. There's no room.

I would also like to quote my nephew Eli who said, "1.3 billion Chinese are about to have an epic bumper car match."

I know the young people prefer LOL, but I'd rather type... Tee Hee!

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susan s. said...

And why are the lights not on on that silly looking car? It looks misty and foggy. As small as it is it needs everything it can get to make it visible. . . including one of those safety trangles on a wavy stick!

Yes, I know. I'm being way to bitchy this morning.