Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Quick Charlie Sheen joke.

This one is whizzing around the Internets, so stop me if you've heard it before.

Actually, this intro is longer than the joke, so there will be no time to stop me. It's just a figure of speech.

Q: How much cocaine has Charlie Sheen done?
A: Enough to kill Two and a Half Men.

Thank you. Try the veal! I'll be here all week.

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Bobmando said...

OFF TOPIC... Heres a link for you that might become a post on St Pattie's Day... I wonder if you were a Leprechaun in a past life....based on your love of Giantesses... Here's a great story...
about how the remaining Leprecauns are protected under EU Law: http://www.irishcentral.com/travel/Leprechauns-are-now-protected-under-new-European-law---SEE-VIDEOS-117791804.html?