Thursday, March 10, 2011

Trademark lines for impressionists quiz.

It's been a very long time since I had a trivia quiz, so I got an idea for a new one based on trademark lines that should be used by anyone trying to do a vocal impersonation of a famous person.

For example, if you are going to do Jimmy Cagney, you pretty much have to say the line "You dirty rat!"

As soon as you say "The name is Bond. James Bond." You're doing a Sean Connery. (NOT a Roger Moore or Pierce Brosnan or anybody else!)

Personally, I always use a line from Murder in the Sun when I do my James Mason impression "I could have sssssscampered down the hill and crushed her neck in thessssse powerful handsssss.", but that is obviously a much more idiosyncratic choice.

In any case, here are ten words or phrases associated with vocal impressions of people or characters from film or TV, spanning many decades. See how many of them you can get.

1. Pilgrim.
John Wayne, answered by danielk.

2. You realize of course, THIS means war!
Bugs Bunny, answered by Ken.

3. And not a lot of people know that.
Michael Caine, answered by the Googling Karlacita!

4. You betcha!
Sarah Palin, answered by danielk. (Would have also accepted Marge Gunderson.)

5. Engage.
Patrick Stewart, answered by danielk. (Jean Luc Picard would have been more precise.)

6. Eee-yeeeeeeeeees? OR Ooooooooooh, goody!
Frank .... oh hell, that guy who used to turn up on the Jack Benny show, answered by danielk. (Partial credit here. Frank Nelson, who also got work on I Love Lucy.)

7. Thankya ver'much.
Elvis Presley, answered by danielk.

8. Tenk you very much.
Latka, character played by Andy Kaufman, answered by danielk.

9. I know you are, but what am I?
Paul Ruebens, answered by danielk. (Pee Wee Herman would have been more precise.)

10. Well....
Ronald Reagan, answered by ken.

Well done to all who answered.


Danielk said...

Now THIS is an interesting idea! Blanks indicate that I'm drawing one.

1. John Wayne
4. Sarah Palin
5. Patrick Stewart
6. Frank .... oh hell, that guy who used to turn up on the Jack Benny show.
7. Elvis
8. Andy Kaufman, doing Latka doing Elvis
9. Paul Ruebens

ken said...

2. Bugs Bunny
10. Ronald Reagan

Matty Boy said...

Wow, that was fast.

#4 could also be Marge Gunderson, but that's more obscure. The voices are terrifyingly similar, except Marge Gunderson speaks in sentences and is as smart as a whip.

Technically, #5 and #9 are characters played by actors, not the actors themselves.

Only half credit for #6, he also used to show up on I Love Lucy.

I didn't even know about #3 myself until this year, but there's a famous Brit star who is to the modern U.K. what Jimmy Cagney was to the U.S. during WW II, which means freaking EVERYBODY does an impression on him over there, and some people have made a serious study of it.

British movie star, been around forever. Those are all the hints I'm giving.

Karlacita! said...

Hadta google it: Michael Caine is #3, but clearly, not a lot of people know that.

Anne said...

#3 is a bit like "I can see Russia from my house!" in that it wasn't himself who said it, but an even more famous Brit actor (Peter Sellars) impersonating him. But after that, the lampooned actor, being a good sport and having an eye to the main chance, took it as his own catchphrase. And I learned that only a couple of days ago.

Matty Boy said...

Like you, Anne, I didn't know that much about the fine art of Michael Caine impressions until early this year, but clicking around on The You Tubes I saw a whole mess of stuff, including the Peter Sellars bit and Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon arguing about how to do different impressions of Caine from different eras in his career.

Anne said...

Oh boy, was I wrong with the second half of my stitherum:

namastenancy said...

I was wrong on everything but engage. I nope this doesn't put me in the dumber than dumb category.