Saturday, May 28, 2011

The best football team ever?

Barcelona beat Manchester United 3-1 at Wembley Stadium in London today to win the Champions League final, to the surprise of no one. This was more like a coronation than a sporting event, the way some Super Bowls are or when Michael Jordan's Bulls were in the NBA Finals.

I hadn't seen Barcelona play this year. I was amazed. They controlled the ball 70% of the time. The game was tied at half, but it was a mirage. Man U scored one goal on one shot on goal by Wayne Rooney. That was it.

I was watched at a packed bar in Oakland. Early in the second half with the game still tied, someone asked about the overtime rules in Champions League. I said, "Don't worry about overtime. This is surgery, not football. It won't stay tied." Not more than two minutes later, Lionel Messi drove home a wicked twisting shot from 25 yards out to prove me right.

To be fair, I don't think Messi actually heard me and proving me right was not his main concern.

I could not believe how far outmatched mighty Man U was. If this was World Cup football, this would be like Germany versus Australia in 2010 or Brazil versus Japan in 2006. With all the squads spending all the money they have, it's hard to fathom one team can be this much better than everyone else. Their passes don't miss. There's always someone open. They finish strong and make a goalie's day a nightmare. If you stop Messi, their little Argentinian thunderbolt, then you have to deal with the native Spaniards Pedro and Xavi and Iniesta.

It's just not fair.

Congratulations to FC Barcelona, without question the best football team in the world today and arguably one of the best of all time.


Abu Scooter said...

I can think of only one team in any sport that dominated a championship game and a season the way Barcelona did yesterday: the Chicago Bears in Super Bowl XX, 25 years ago. Even that's a stretch, because the 1986 Patriots were, to put it kindly, no Manchester United.

This Barca team may or may not be the greatest ever, but it is the greatest of its generation. Wow. Just wow.

sfmike said...

I watched it over at Chris Daly's bar and had a marvelous time. The two goals in the second half were completely amazing.

Make Money For Free said...

Barcelona is flat out unbelievable! Those guys play like they have eyes in the back of their heads. The space that they keep between each other is like a geometric masterpiece! One guy runs with the ball and two others stop in their tracks to create a perfect triangle...its amazing!!!

Picture Perfect Online Photography said...

Messi is a big help to his team, he scored a very important goal and he always play great, imagine 53 goals in 55 matches. Indeed the very first person to win the CL top scorer for three consecutive times. And of course the whole team is also doing great. Great game! Thanks for sharing this post!

Matty Boy said...

Thanks to everyone for stopping by. Glad to see so many people saw the game, notably my face-to-face pals Abu Scooter and sfmike. While the other commenters may be interested in some commercial aspects of the Internet, I appreciate that the comments are completely on-topic, grammatically correct and current.

Right now, some of my old posts are getting spam comments from someone trying to sell dick drugs and I am scrubbing those as fast as I can. I have no intention of getting rid of any comments on this thread so far. Thanks for stopping by and good luck.