Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Blogger and Firefox for Mac are friends again.

For about a week, Blogger wasn't working on my Mac using my browser of choice Firefox. I found a workaround of using Safari instead, but many are the ways that Safari sucks.

I thought it might have been a problem on my end, possibly downloading some virus that screwed something up, but no diagnostic I could do solved the problem. Yesterday, everything was back to the way it was and I have no need (or desire) to use Safari again.

Blogger as a package has been ultra reliable for over four years for me, whether I was using Mac or PC, but over the past few months it has had some serious glitches lasting days on end, which I can only hope are finally solved.

I chatted with fellow blogger sfmike, who also has some experience with software development, about what the problem could be. He conjectured that it might be the quality of programming at Google is deteriorating, a loss of institutional memory involved. My guess is that some of the Internet big boys are screwing with each other, possibly intentionally and possibly not.

No one has come forward to give the exact reason for the screw ups yet, but having a huge piece of software being used by thousands of users (and millions of visitors) that is being updated regularly and has to interact with an uncounted number of interfacing browsers on various computer platforms is not possibly unstable. It is very nearly a mathematical certainty that it's unstable. It's a miracle that it has worked this well for this long.

A metaphor for the modern world, Matty Boy?

Yes, Hypothetical Question Asker, something like that.


Fran said...

Matty, you make me smile. I hated that week by the way, I can't stand Safari.

Matty Boy said...

Hi, Fran. Thanks for stopping by. As for Firefox vs. Safari, there are so many things that Firefox makes easy while Safari makes difficult, I can agree with you on their relative merits.