Thursday, May 19, 2011

A note for people using Blogger.

Here's a little tip for other bloggers using Blogger software from Google.  About a week ago, Blogger was on the fritz and could not be reached.  When it came back, posts that had been written for about a day before the system crash were first missing, then returned, but any comments were lost and the labels went all screwy.

A small price to pay, but if that's the worst crash in four or five years, it's something I can live with.

But there were other bugs that only some people are going to see. I also put together blogs for my students in certain classes with notes and practice problem and the like, but I use a different gmail account.  After the crash, when I would log into my "professional" alias, it would only link to my silly Matty Boy blogs.  I tried several different fixes and they all came to naught.  I emailed Google, but good luck with that!

There is an option called "Blogger in draft".  When I go to the other account and click on the "Blogger in draft" button, my classroom blogs can be accessed.

Yay, weird workarounds for problems which Google fails to acknowledge the existence!  Granted, I don't know how many people have multiple blogs under multiple aliases, but I'm guessing I'm not unique in the world.

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