Friday, June 3, 2011

Eli Pariser on "filter bubbles".

Eli Pariser of gave a non-political talk at the TED conference about the direction of the Internet and the new trap of "filter bubbles". A lot of the major Internet sites like YouTube keep track of your visits, so the recommended videos for you are not the same as the recommended videos for me. Things are being filtered.

The thing is, Facebook and Google are filtering stuff for us as well and Pariser gives examples from his own experience. The Internet, which was hoped to be a Wild West of information where gatekeepers like editorial boards would lose the power to suppress stories instead becomes a place where algorithms keep information away from us based on our previous click history.

It's a short talk, filled with useful information. Matty Boy says check it out, and thanks to my sister-in-law Janelle for bringing it to my attention.

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dguzman said...

Thanks for this link, Matty Boy. I think I heard about this stuff on NPR the other day. Scary.