Thursday, June 16, 2011

Penrose sketches, 16.6.11: Five fold symmetry with three kites.

Here are three kites put together. If there were five kites centered around the angle at the bottom, it would create a regular decagon, a ten sided polygon. The angle for the gap at the bottom is 144°, which is an angle that can be filled many ways. The idea is to take five of these three kite shapes, twist them by the same angle each time to make the patterns below. The first is using the regular kite shape and a two color pattern, the second is using the larger kite I call the Mama Kite, again using just two colors, and the last is using the Papa Kite and three colors.

Completed: 15 June 2011
15 tiles, all kites
5 yellow, 10 purple

Completed: 16 June 2011
45 tiles
30 kites and 15 darts
20 yellow and 25 blue

Completed: 16 June 2011
120 tiles
75 kites and 45 darts
40 yellow 40 purple and 40 blue

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