Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The courts as blood sport.

Casey Anthony has been found not guilty of the murder of her two year old daughter Caylee, but she was convicted of lying to the police. I paid very little attention to the trial or the run-up to it, except what I saw on the covers of the tabloids, and most of that I discounted as being sensationalistic claptrap.

The cops took a long time to get the evidence. Casey lied to them. She felt she couldn't trust the cops. Her dad was a cop. The previous sentence may be related to the sentence just before it.

That's how paragraphs work.

In any case, a cute little girl is dead and people clamor for justice, and now they feel it has been denied.

There's a lot of anger out there and it will take aim at anything and anyone.

Nancy Grace feels this is the worst thing that has ever happened. She feels that way a lot.

Her money quote is "the devil is dancing". Yes, if something goes this bad, it must be satanic, right?

Nancy Grace is a former prosecutor. It would be nice if every once in a while she would say that the prosecution or the police or the forensic team screwed up big time, and in this case it looks like all three, but no. Let's invoke Satan instead.

I am merely agnostic and not an atheist, but if Nancy Grace's view of the cosmos was the only other choice, I would be an atheist and a damn nasty one at that. Richard Dawkins would be writing me notes behind the scene saying, "Good lack of God, man, bring it down a notch, would you?"

Kim Kardashian tweeted.

Yes, I know, stop the presses.

Ms. Kardashian thinks a terrible miscarriage of justice has been done. Some people with long memories think she doesn't have the right to be offended because her dead father was Robert Kardashian, one of the lawyers who defended O.J. Simpson when he was found not guilty sixteen years ago.

Does it feel like sixteen years to you? Yeah, me neither. I guess we are old.

I'm not sure how many people who know who Kim Kardashian is know her first claim to fame is being her father's daughter. If Family Feud ever got around to asking 100 people "Why is Kim Kardashian famous?", I'm sure "Hell if I know" would be the #1 answer, followed by "She's on TV", "She's gotta big butt", and "Didn't she make a sex tape?". "Her dad defended O.J." would be way down the list, if it made the list at all.

But right now people are angry, so Kim Kardashian isn't allowed to join in the prevailing anger. The crowd wants blood right now, and nearly anyone's blood will do.

But please, not mine. I am Cinna the Poet, not Cinna the Conspirator.


Peregrin said...

The louder Nancy Grace is screaming that X is guilty, the less likely it is that X is actually guilty.

namastenancy said...

Nancy Grace is a screaming media disaster. I don't know what I think of the verdict but since the jury ignored the media's unethical circus, more power to them.

I had no idea whose daughter Kim K was but then, I see no reason why she should be on TV. I guess it's all about the ratings and the advertising. At least we aren't throwing our gladiators (aka the reality entertainers) to the lions as they did in ancient Rome - but maybe, sometimes, that's not such a bad idea.

namastenancy said...

I just looked at the bikini photo of Kim on your other page, as well as the photo on this one.
My oh my, she is well endowed.
Maybe that's why she's on reality TV. Every generation seems to get it's own version of a curvaceous but not talented woman. I remember Jayne Mansfield and some Italian cuties who were more notable for cleavage than for talent. Some times never go out of fashion.

Matty Boy said...

Yeah, Nancy, Kim is like a 60's starlet, except we don't even have to pretend there's any talent there.

I use that picture of her in the bikini a lot over on the other blog, as well as a picture of her in a dress that shows off her very large rear end to dramatic and pleasant effect.

I honestly think her bikini picture is as iconic as Ursula Andress in Dr. No or Raquel Welch in One Million Years B.C., but obviously for a new generation.