Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Live blogging Paraguay-Venezuela in penalty kicks

Recent history: The Copa America 2011 is being played in Argentina. Everybody thought Argentina and Brazil were the best teams. Both have already lost. Uruguay won their semi final and are in the final. Paraguay and Venezuela are playing in the other semi-final.

Ancient history: Venezuela sucks eggs. The South American championship has been played since 1916. This is their first time in the semis EVER. They have looked better but massively unlucky. Now it's penalty kicks, the ultimate in luck.

Paraguay first. Ortigoza shoots. Goalie guess wrong .1-0
Maldonado. Goalie guess wrong hits post and goes in. 1-1
Lucas puts it in. 2-1
Rey makes it. 2-2
Damn Univision breaks up.
Sombrano makes, some Venezuelan misses. 3-2 Paraguay.
Still breaking up. Both Paraguay and Venezuela make 4th shots 4-3
Paraguay for the clinching goal. Paraguay wins, 5-3.

Uruguay-Paraguay in the final.

Venezuela continues their proud tradition of sucking eggs.


Abu Scooter said...

The Venezuelans have done well in the last few years. They made the Copa semifinals this year, and they missed South Africa by only two points. From here on out, though, Venezuela will likely end up fighting with the Andean teams to avoid the bottom of the CONMEBOL table.

Then again, Venezuela used to serve as the patsy for the Andean sides, so this is indeed an improvement.

I'll be rooting for Uruguay in the final. Paraguay has gotten by with great defense but are usually dreadful to watch.

Matty Boy said...

You're from Chicago, so your definition of "done well in the past few years" might also refer to the Cubs sometime in your lifetime.

Paraguay did not impress, but in the games I've watched this Copa, NO ONE has impressed. Maybe it's just too cold for the South Americans, since they are in the dead of winter down there.

Anonymous said...

all Latin American teams are impressive, they are just terrible all ... Paraguay did not win, but nobody won it ... Bet on Paraguay as a champion, who almost eliminated Spain in the 2010 World Cup