Friday, July 1, 2011

Now officially in the "I'm never gonna get tired of these!" stage with my new toys.

Okay, I'm obsessed with the new toys. Like Princess Sparkle Pony loves Ernie Bushmiller and Ugly Tour Buses, like Padre Mickey loves Red Mr. Peanut Bank and The World's Most Beautiful Grandchile™, I'm in love with the new toys from

The polygons that come with the set have 12 sides, 8 sides, 6 sides, 4 sides and 3 sides, but there is a way to use octagons and triangles to make a negative space regular 24-gon. The little white added rhombi are 30°, which fits the outside gaps perfectly and makes it easier to build. The shape looks like a flower, obviously, but the influence of The Other Blog is making me think of some fabulous necklace Miss Elizabeth Taylor might have received from a suitor.

In any case, I'm going to try this shape again with different colors and different backgrounds. Artists call this "variation on a theme". My readers may soon call it "beating a dead horse".

I am going to invoke the First Rule of Blogging, which of course is "You're not the boss of me."



Karlacita! said...

I like the colors of these ones. They're cool!

Padre Mickey said...

Can ya make a Multi-coloured Mr. Peanut Bank wit dem toys? That'd be cool!

Matty Boy said...

Karla: The colors are nice.

Padre: It would be hard, but maybe not impossible, to make Mr. Peanut's skinny arms and legs.