Thursday, July 7, 2011

Support your local.

A logo of an oak tree has been the official mark of Oakland since 1852, but a new store called Oaklandish has redesigned the the tree to have deeper roots. The Oaklandish clothing brand has been around for about ten years, and they just opened up a new store on 1440 Broadway in Oakland, about a block away from the 12th Street BART station's exit in front of DeLauer's, my go-to place for all the supermarket rags in one convenient location, always available on Thursdays when I need them.

I went into the store last Friday and bought a few buttons, promising myself I'd buy a shirt this Thursday when I made my DeLauer's run. I am now a proud owner of an Oaklandish BART t-shirt, an very cool design that is of absolutely no use if you are trying to find your way around the bay by train.

Hey, I already know the BART map. I bought this because it looks good.

If you are an East Bay person, stop on by the store and check out the stuff. It's a good local business and it deserves your patronage.

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