Thursday, August 18, 2011

Happy times with Matty Boy and Karlacita!

Last week, I published a picture of my mom, my sister Karlacita! and myself, with Mom and the newborn baby sitting in the brown rocking chair and me looking glum. One might think this was jealousy about the baby.

What I wanted was the rocking chair. I loved that rocking chair.

This picture from a few months later shows that family harmony is once again restored. I'm in the rocker - oh, happy day! - and Karla has been put beside me. She liked the rocking chair a lot as well, and she was especially happy when I talked to her, about nearly anything. Every time I finished a sentence, she would say "Ooo!" or "Ahh!". In this picture, I'm reading from a greeting card. Usually, I would have my dinosaur picture book, another prized possession from my youth.

And so, your honor, I would like to present this as Exhibit B to challenge the idea I was just a selfish, mean and jealous older brother. I was more than happy to share, but my idea of sharing meant I got something I wanted and you got something you wanted.

An equitable position to be sure. Even at five years old, it was clear I wasn't going to vote Republican.

(To be fair, when I was five, Dwight Eisenhower was still the nominal head of the Republicans, a much nicer breed than the scum that run the party today.)

p.s. Thanks to my buddy Alan for restoring this picture with his superb PhotoShop skills.


Karlacita! said...

I remember the gold threads on that chair. They were scratchy, but they were sparkly!

I also love that this is still our relationship, where you talk about cool things and I go Ah! You've taught me a lot, You're a good big brother, Matteo.

Matty Boy said...

Thank you, sweetie. I've learned a lot from you as well.

namastenancy said...

That a daring pair! I can see the love right shining right through the photo.

Fran said...

I love you two crazy kids - so cute then, so cute now!

Anonymous said...

Love this!!