Friday, October 14, 2011

Any plans for next Friday?

I've been invited to a little cocktail party. It sounds like fun.

Dr. Harold Camping, on the other hand, still thinks it will be the destruction of the universe.

Except, guess what? NO ONE IS LISTENING, DOC!

I have my silly tabloid blog. The supermarket rags did not include any of his predictions. I cheated and put in his earlier failed prediction because I read it in the equally unreliable San Francisco Chronicle. Allegedly serious news organizations paid attention to the May 21 date because he sent out all those silly buses. Even though he came up craps on that nonsense, he thinks the shooting match is over next Friday.

It would be a harsh irony if he died that day. I don't wish this on the worst human being on earth, and that isn't him, but on the other hand, I think even Dr. Camping is starting to realize he has no useful purpose and his stupidity and vanity have only caused others grief.

The world will eventually end. Long before that, everyone who will read these words will die.

I'm going out on a very sturdy and low hanging limb when I say, the world is NOT ending next Friday and anyone still listening to Dr. Camping needs to take a long prayerful fast to ask themselves why.

Here endeth the lesson.


Fran said...

I'm headed downstate to NYC on Friday, so I guess I will be going someplace big on the last day. Awesome!

How ridiculous!!

namastenancy said...

At this point, I think he's suffering from dementia. I'd feel sorrier for him if I didn't know how many people he'd conned. But the media has to bear some responsibility as well; they have reported on this kook as if he had something relevant to say. I think that your prediction is pretty safe. In any case, I'd put my money on you before I put even a penny on Camping.

Padre Mickey said...

We have a group visiting from the Diocese of Newark then. I'm figuring the Lord is going to tarry. . . AGAIN!

Matty Boy said...

That Lord of yours, Padre, I don't know how to say it politely... He's MIGHTY good at tarryin', isn't He?

Just sayin'.

Padre Mickey said...

He's much more patient than you or I.

Fran said...

Oh Padre, es verdad, es verdad.