Thursday, October 27, 2011

The done blowed up function hits close to home.

You're not new here, are you? You know how I feel about numbers.

Okay, just so we are clear.

The other blog is still more popular than this one, but it has been fading recently. I check in on it today just out of idle curiousity and what do I see? The blog traffic today done BLOWED UP!!!!!!

(Click on picture for larger and done blowed uppy-er.)

My sitemeter data only keeps track of the last hundred entries, so I can't tell exactly what accounts for eight times more traffic today than yesterday, but the big excitement right now is this picture of Kate Middleton in a white bikini.

(Click for larger and just about equal hotness.  She looks foine, as the young people say.)

A picture that is several years old and can be found in lots of places around the Internet.

But for some reason, people have decided MY nicked copy is the only one of earth and they are flocking to the site like it's a shrine to hot babe-ness.

Go figure.

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