Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The police try to Occupy Oakland.
The people have other ideas.

The neighborhood of 12th Street and Broadway is an easy bike ride from my apartment, one BART station north of my home station of Lake Merritt. Tonight, there were blocks of satellite trucks from the local stations, both those that broadcast in English and in Spanish.

The news is interested because yesterday in the wee small hours, the Oakland cops came in with tear gas to close down the campsite of Occupy Oakland, the area behind this fence, behind this handsome and well-behaved dog. As you can see, much of the grass turned brown. That will happen when you cover it for many days. I was there on Monday, the afternoon before the early morning crackdown. The place was clean and peaceful. There was no wafting scent of urine or herb. I hella (Heart) Oakland, but I will admit you can find those smells more often than you might like in many neighborhoods.

Not at the campsite on Monday. People were organizing to protect themselves. They were sharing food. They were playing chess. A peaceful assembly, not unlike that given to us as a right in our Constitution.

There were lots of signs. A woman was just finishing painting this one.

This father and son were nice enough to show both of these for my camera.

Yet another handsome and well-behaved dog, one of the definite themes I saw this evening.

And signs. Signs were a definite theme.

And a third theme. People ready for the fucking Oakland cops to show up again with tear gas.

I'm in this neighborhood at least once a week to pick up the headlines for the silly tabloid blog. I promise to bring my camera to keep track of the goings on.


Abu Scooter said...

Nice first attempt! Glad you're safe. Looking forward to seeing more.

sfmike said...

Way go to, Mr. War Correspondent.

Matty Boy said...

Abu: It's less dangerous than it looks.

sfmike: Glad my mentor in such things approves.

Anonymous said...

Matty Boy the War Correspondent. I like that !!

the mind of alexander said...

stay strong Oakland you are in our prayers and the people that do wrong dont worry about them becasue when they face God they will be DENINED WITH ALL THE WRONG THAT THEY DID TO US AND YALL GOD BLESS YOU AND KEEP IT UP