Thursday, October 13, 2011

The R. in K. & R. is no more.

Dennis Ritchie is dead at the age of 70.

Who the hell is Dennis Ritchie, you ask?

He co-developed Unix.

He developed the language C.

With Brian Kernighan, he published the definitive manual on C, known to nerds the world over as K. & R. It was so cleanly written, they could have taught Strunk and White a thing or two.

In computers, Big Damn Deals don't get much bigger.

Click here for the New York Times obit.

Best wishes to the family and friends of Dennis Ritchie, from a fan.


sfmike said...

Thanks for the K & R bit of info. Now that would be an interesting novel, a story about that pair, creating a language that takes over the world. (Actually Samuel R. Delaney's Babel-17 from the 1960s is about something just like that.)

Matty Boy said...

It was a matter of talent and timing. The new smaller computers, then minis and micros, begged for some clean way to be programmed that wasn't as "nuts and bolts" as assembly language. C was in the sweet spot, easy to use and almost as efficient as assembly. I've lost count of how many C programs I've written in my life.