Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Gene Simmons is never wrong.

If you've ever wondered what Gene Simmons looks like without make-up, here it is.

Not a pretty picture.

If you've ever wonder about the deep thoughts of Gene Simmons, you are making a bigger mistake than wondering what he looks like without make-up.

Gene Simmons is a Rick Perry fan.

Yes, the best bass player KISS ever had (and the only bass player KISS ever had) made a proclamation in August that there really wasn't any need for the electoral college or even an election, he liked Rick Perry and whoever he has liked since 1988 has become president.  End of story.

Except for the slight problem that when Rick Perry doesn't look bombed out of his mind getting sloppy over syrup (last week), Rick has brain farts so stinky, you can smell them in your living room when watching him on TV (mere hours ago).

Nice try, Gene, and thanks for playing.  Leave the deep thinking to someone else.


namastenancy said...

Maybe the make up - and other things - addled his brain?

AphotoAday said...

Hi MattyBoy--Don Kinney here...
Sounds like you missed the reality show a year or two ago that featured the entire Simmons family. Oh man, this guy has an ego as fat as his wallet!
I kept asking myself why I was watching the show--only to realize that I had been lusting heavily after his daughter. Shame on me.

Matty Boy said...

Hey, Don! I watched some shows a little longer than they deserved because of lust for actresses. The most recent is probably "Legend of the Seeker", with the adorable Bridget Regan as the confessor Kahlan.

AphotoAday said...

Hi again, MattyBoy -- Oh wow, I Googled for Bridget Regan -- lord, what a looker... Could destroy me with just one glance...