Sunday, November 20, 2011

It's mighty quiet.

If you haven't seen the protest against the chancellor of UC Davis, click on this video.

Hard to believe they could get a crowd of people that young to hold it together so well. The chancellor has to know her humiliation has circled the globe several times by now.

The politically expedient action at the state level in California is to leave taxes alone and raise fees.  This is a slowly boiling pot that is now destroying the chance for the middle class to get a quality education for their kids without going into massive debt.  Of all the goals of the Occupy Wall Street crowd, keeping public education a viable and reasonably priced option is nearest and dearest to my heart, in part because I had the chance to get just such an education and in part because I work in public higher education.

There needs to be a massive shake-up in the UC system.  I don't know who can force her to quit if anyone, but if it's the regents or the governor, it's time for them to do the right thing if she is unwilling.  The upper echelons at UC Berkeley need to be removed as well.

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