Sunday, November 27, 2011

New blog:
Geometric Decorations

I have started a new blog titled Geometric Decorations. The idea started with the geometric pieces I have been using for tessellations over the past few months. Now, instead of making a pattern, taking a picture then dismantling it, I am going to create pieces.  Another difference is that I am going to paint the pieces myself so I have a choice of colors.  To the left is the third piece I've made, sub-titled The Lucky Die Roll and given as a gift to my good friend Jodi Soares.  I have a copy of the game Robo Rally with hand painted pieces Jodi made, a prized possession. I can only hope she is half as happy now with this as I am with her work all these years later.

I'm going to add Geometric Decorations to my blog buddy list, so if you like these pieces you can click on the link when it climbs to the top of the list, which it will every time I complete a piece.  My idea is that the pieces I make this year will either be gifts for friends or pieces for my personal collection.  If I'm happy with the work at the end on the month, I will make more for sale to the general public.

Let me note that the pictures I have on this new blog will be very large so people can click on the bigger size to get a better view.  This means it will load slowly, so be warned.

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