Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The sequence of events creates an epiphany.

I've been writing my silly tabloid blog for 22 months now and this morning a feeling came over me that I really couldn't put into words even yesterday.

I actively detest Kim Kardashian and all she stands for.

Kim tweeted her divorce on Halloween, her marriage which started with a lavish bash televised over two nights ending in just 72 days.  Why pick Halloween?

She didn't pick Halloween.  She picked a Monday, the last day of the week when you can be sure the supermarket gossip rags can get a story in that will be printed by Wednesday and on the stands around the country on Thursday.

How can I be sure?  Because I've seen the front covers this week and she is on seven of them, effectively the maximum possible. (There are a total of ten supermarket gossip rags, but two have a demographic that skews much older than the typical Kardashian fan and the last is only interested in the End of the World.)

Kim Kardashian is the poster girl for the 1%.  She is near the money spigot without an ounce of talent, just a pretty smile, a nice set of tits and an enormous ass, which has come into fashion in some circles now. She is not "creating jobs", merely spending money foolishly.  The young man with the sign standing in front of the portable toilet at the general strike today is 100% correct, the pointless pastimes of the idle rich are stealing from people who are just trying to make their way in the world.

Many people want to know what the point of Occupy Oakland is.  There are certainly a lot of signs pointing in a lot of directions.  But the facts are simple.  The United States isn't broke, it's just broken.  The ideas of community and commonwealth are derided by people who benefit from the many ways the few get rich and the many get screwed.

It's time for the many to ask for their fair share.


namastenancy said...

Well said. I was thinking along similar lines (but not as eloquent) when I left the Maharaja exhibit at the Asian and walked into the sea of poverty and homelessness at the Civic Center. The rulers of India spent every dime gouged from their toiling peasantry on fripperies for themselves. At least, they left a unique cultural legacy. What will Kim and her ilk leave as they grab more and more for themselves. They are meaner than a copperhead snake and as lethal and useless.

Matty Boy said...

I just finished reading Unfamiliar Fishes by Sarah Vowell about the overthrow of the Hawaiian monarchy by white plutocrats in the 1890s. The last Hawaiian king was corrupt as hell as were a few before him, but the "republican revolutionaries" who took over Hawaii by force were racist scumbag thieves.

Yet another story where it's hard to have a rooting interest. Feels like reading any political reporting published in the past few years.

Anonymous said...

Her Dad would not have approved but yes all she's got is tits and ass, hello PLAYBOY magazine.

Karlacita! said...

The Human Rights Campaign sent Kim an open letter. It's good: