Monday, December 12, 2011

Ending one hobby and starting another.

 Those of you who read the gossip blog know that I pulled the plug on it last Thursday. I learned a lot about the gossip rags in two years, but almost all of it is useless information.  Too much reality TV, too many stories with a single source (some of those sources vindictive, others batshit crazy, like the woman who claimed Justin Bieber impregnated her), too many flat out lies, not enough stuff to keep me interested.

As good as Kim Kardashian looks in a bikini - and I honestly think this shot is as iconic as Ursula Andress in Doctor No or Raquel Welch in One Million Years B.C. - she's just not worth the trouble, as many professional athletes have figured out before I did at a much higher price.
 So with a lot of extra time on my hands, I've started a new hobby and a blog to follow it called Geometric Decorations.  I bought a bunch of plastic pieces in simple geometric shapes and I am painting them and connecting them, either with two sided tape or with glue.  The first set of objects I am either giving to friends and family as gifts or keeping them for my own reference.

This first one is an ornament, taped and then painted.

 Here is the opposite side, which I painted with different colors.

 The hard plastic pieces I bought don't take well to super glue, so I have to use two sided tape to connect them.  I also have soft plastic pieces I used to make my tessellation artwork, and they take to super glue like nobody's business.  This piece was painted with acrylic then glued together.  It's sturdy enough to be handled and the acrylic and glue are very easy to work with, especially compared to spray paint and two sided tape.

 Here is yet another soft plastic piece, yet again with a rainbow motif.

Because the hard plastic was so fussy, I glued them back to back before taping.  The soft plastic glues so easily, I did this experiment to see if single thickness gluing would work, and it worked remarkably well.  Mathy folks might recognize this as a second iteration Sierpinski's gasket.

I'm going to put all the work up on the Geometric Decorations blog as it becomes ready. I'll likely give it a plug here every once in a while in hopes of starting some traffic over there.

So far, I'm having lots of fun, which I believe is the point of having a hobby in the first place.


sfmike said...

Love the Sierpinski's gasket.

dguzman said...

From gossip to geometry. Only Matty Boy!