Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I quit just in time.

I stopped doing my gossip rag blog earlier this month for a number of reasons, but large among them was the steady stream of nonsense about reality TV.  While I truly hated Teen Mom, I was also getting very tired of the Kims and Kendras, the Real Housewives and the countless permutations of Bachelors and Bachelorettes.

Because I quit then, I will not have to be looking for this new eleventh entry into the supermarket gossip rag field.  The National Enquirer's parent company American Media Inc. has just launched Reality Weekly, nothing but the dreck from the bottom and the scum from the top of the reality TV cesspool.

I teach for a living, which in some ways is an optimistic profession, hoping to impart the important knowledge of our society to the young people.  I have no doubt that math must be included in that category of important information.  But under that surface optimism, I have a deep well of pessimism.  As one of my favorite professors Victor Manjarrez often said, "We don't deserve to survive as a species."

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