Thursday, December 29, 2011

So what did you get for your birthday?

My ex-roommate Art sent me this evidence that Sauron was a Republican. Always nice to have important information you can share.

And my blog hero Princess Sparkle Pony gave me "All four sparkly hooves AND a combable tail way, way up!"

Technically, this wasn't a birthday present, but instead thanks for finding this 48 year old picture of Sue Storm, the Invisible Girl from the Fantastic Four.  Her very early haircut is remarkably similar to that of Callista Gingrich, Princess Sparkle Pony's latest hairdo crush.  I just happen to be the exact right age to remember this sort of thing, in grade school when this came out and not yet showing signs of senile dementia.
And just how old am I?  That information is given out on a need to know basis and you, gentle reader, do not need to know.


Karlacita! said...

Happy Birthday! You looks good for a man in his 40s!

Anonymous said...

I forgot our birthdays were at the same time. Happy Birthday! I celebrated on the 27th and happy to have lived to 64.

sfmike said...

Congratulations on the four sparkly hooves way, way up. I haven't seen the Princess quite that excited over somebody else's discovery in some time.