Friday, January 13, 2012

Has None Of The Above peaked?

So here's the first twelve days of January in the Gallup tracking polls.  Mitt Romney, Mr. 25%, is now about to become Mr. 35% for the first time, as the crooked line in green indicates.  Pundits assumed the undecided had ruled Romney out, but this graph doesn't bear that out.  A lot of his gain looks to be at the expense of None Of The Above, drawn in black.  There was also a fading away of the the two top challengers Gingrich and Santorum, while Paul, Perry and Huntsman are steady in fourth, fifth and sixth respectively, if None Of The Above is removed.

When the month started, None Of The Above was slightly ahead of Romney, but the undecided fell to fourth and has now risen again to second.  The Republicans really are trying to figure out who can beat Obama, and while most of them are not the political junkies I am, even a passing observer can start having doubts about the rest of the field, especially Gingrich, mean as a snake, and Santorum, kind of a whiny nebbish.  In some ways, I think Huntsman still hasn't been given a fair hearing, but he took a job when Obama offered it, and so to the rabid anti-Obama crowd he's a traitor and cannot be redeemed.


Mauigirl said...

I agree about Huntsman. I always kind of admired him, as a Republican, for taking the job in the Obama administration. To me that gives him a positive rating; but of course I'm a Democrat!

Matty Boy said...

Buddy Roemer also sounds like an American instead of a psychotic, but who wants to listen to that?

Seriously, Gingrich wants to jail liberal judges and fire liberals from government jobs for their political beliefs and we are supposed to pretend that's an American speaking. He's running second in the polls nationally and in South Carolina. It's pretty awful right now.

dguzman said...

Santorum is more than a whiny nebbish; he's a CRAZY whiny nebbish.

We can only hope that none of the republicans actually DO beat Obama because, as much as Obama disappoints me, he doesn't scare me as much as the republicans do.