Saturday, January 14, 2012

This doesn't make up for January 3, 1971...

but it will have to do for now.

January 3, 1971 won't mean much to most folks, but that was a chance for a young Bay Area football fan's dream to come true.  The Raiders traveled to Baltimore to face the Colts for the AFC Championship and the 49ers hosted the Cowboys at that old rat trap Kezar Stadium.  If everything went perfect, we'd have a Raiders-Niners Super Bowl.  Instead, everything went to crap, the Colts beat the Raiders and the Cowboys beat the Niners.

The winners went on to play Super Bowl V, one of the sloppiest championship games in any sport ever, a game whose only charm was that it was close, the Colts winning on a late field goal, 16-13.

(Photo by Paul Sakuma/AP)

Today wasn't championship week, but the 49ers hosted a playoff game in that old rat trap Candlestick Park.  The Niner defense is stunning and the Niner offense suspect, so to see them win a game 36-32 in regulation was not what anyone expected.  The lead changed three times in the last two minutes and was won on a fantastic Vernon Davis touchdown catch.

(Photo by Elise Amendola/AP)

The Raiders didn't make the playoffs this year, but the hated Denver Broncos did.  Tim Tebow, possibly the most over-rated flash in the pan in American professional sport since Mark "The Bird" Fidrych, had another one of his truly crap games against a strong defense and Tom Brady, a local boy made very good for the Pats, tied the playoff record with six touchdown passes.  New England won 45-10 and it really wasn't that close.

Maybe, just maybe, some of Tebow's fans will realize that God is not actually betting on the Broncos, but sadly, many Christian zealots can explain away anything.  Maybe, just maybe, Tebow will improve to becoming a middle of the pack quarterback with a lot of hard work, but he was the 31st best quarterback in terms of yardage, he threw as many interceptions as touchdowns and was the only starting NFL quarterback who did not complete half his passes.

Goodbye, Broncos.  You won more games than you deserved at 8-8 this year, and unless Tebow makes a commitment we have not seen yet, he will never be a premier passer in the NFL.  And just to be clear, "making a commitment" does not mean turning his life over to Jesus.  He's already done that and it's come up craps.


Anonymous said...

I just hope they don't trade him to the Redskins.

Abu Scooter said...

The ending to that 49ers game was just amazing. I yelled so much in disbelief after the Saints' last touchdown, it scared Scooter off the bed.

Also, it's now official: Tim Tebow IS Touchdown Jeebus! Sending him to DC (particularly) would be wrong on so many levels.

Matty Boy said...

Z&M: The Redskins have trouble enough, don't wish for more.

Abu: It was pretty damn unbelievable at the end. And now the Giants beat the Packers so it's another home game for the Niners! No telling what happens now.

dguzman said...

I was pretty impressed by the Niners; I really thought they had no chance.

And I'm so glad Tebow and his option-quarterback bullshit are done. How can they even consider going with him next year? The guy is playing like he's at Oklahoma in the Barry Switzer days, with the occasional pass to throw hurt or dumb teams (like the Steelers, on both counts) off. I wish nothing but failure for that guy; he's bad for the NFL. I don't think he has the skills, the desire, or the time to develop into a real NFL QB. He's had, what, three years to learn the pro game and he's given it minimal attention, obviously. I know he hasn't had the reps before this year, but he hasn't done anything on his own to learn anything but the crap he learned in high school and college.