Wednesday, January 4, 2012

You know who I miss?
Ugg the Repug.

 Talking Points Memo, the left wing political news website, has shut down comments for the time being on all their stories.  The place was hit hard by Ron Paul supporters (known to conservative detractors as Paultards and to progressive detractors as Ronulans) and for a while in December, all Ron Paul threads were comment free.  Sadly, they have decided to shut down comments on all threads now, which means I will not get to hear from several clever commenters.

Easily one of my favorites is Ugg the Repug, a fellow who pretends to be a caveman pretending to be a Republican. Ugg has a limited understanding of English grammar but a finely tuned sense of humor.  He laughs at his own jokes from time to time (Har har har!), but his jokes are funny with or without the Internet laugh track.

One can only hope the website will bring comments back as soon as possible.  In my travels around the web, only the comment section on Princess Sparkle Pony is as much fun.

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