Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The official Lotsa 'Splainin' titles for the GOP front runners

 Regular readers will already know that I call Mitt Romney R-Money, a simple transposition of his last name with the hyphen thrown in to make him look more like a gangsta rapper.

Because like gangsta rappers, nothing is more important to R-Money than the Benjamins and morality is not allowed to get in the way.

I have been reluctant to use Senator Rick's last name, but a commenter on Talking Points Memo just did a simple spoonerism and called him Sick Rantorum.

Sick Rantorum is now his official name on this blog.  I would tell you who I saw first write this on the other website, but I told him I was going to steal it and not give him credit, and I am true to my word.

So now it's a two-man race.

R-Money: Core beliefs are for poor people
Sick Rantorum: Officially crazier that the Catholic Church

(Things can change, but the polls for the next races and the most recent results say Newt Gingrich is a dead man walking.)

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