Monday, March 19, 2012

First weekend of March Madness

My friend Art put together a bracket league on Yahoo! this year. Any player is allowed to make three brackets, so he and I made brackets of our own and two brackets based on picks made by people who have made their brackets public.  Art's extra brackets are based on the picks of basketball expert Ken Pomeroy. I used the prognostications of Nate Silver and... 

A well known Islamo-fascist socialist usurper, Barry Soetoro.

Right now, the usurper is kicking everybody's ass hard. He has 35 of 48 picks right, a remarkably good score this year, given how many big upsets there have been. Nate and I are tied for correct picks at 31 of 48.  You get more points for picking correctly in the second round than in the first, so by that way of counting, Silver is ahead of me 40 to 39. But our league also has bonus points for picking upsets and Silver's best guesses lean very much on higher seeds, so with the bonuses the top of the table looks like this.

Barry Soetoro's Halal Bracket: 70 points
Grown Ass Man's Bracket (mine): 65 points
The Pom-Poms of Doom (based on Pomeroy): 52 points
Nate Silver Eats Chalk: 51 points

Art, who is usually pretty good at this, is taking a pounding this year, but there are still four rounds to go and the scoring increases each round.  I'll update the standings next week after the Final Four has been determined.

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