Monday, April 9, 2012

Ashley Judd says it better than I ever could.

Ashley Judd is an attractive young woman and prolific actress.  When I say 'young', this is from my viewpoint as a man in his mid-fifties talking about a woman in her early forties.

For a couple years, I followed the tabloids. When I started out, I figured because I went to the supermarket regularly and it seemed like people of all races and genders did as well, the supermarket rags were aimed at everybody.

It took me a while to realize my mistake.  Women are the market for the gossip rags, and so much of the editorial content is aimed at generating envy or hatred or pity, sometimes combinations of two at a time or even all three, making women feel either inferior to or superior to women who happen to be famous.

Ashley Judd writes about being the object of this sort of speculation. Any time a picture is taken and she looks in any way different from pictures taken in the past, sometimes even from last century, speculation runs wild.

Last July, I quoted Spike Lee about how insane it is for actors, how they are judged on their looks constantly. He has acted in his own films, but his living is based on being a director.  He is closer to the picture than I am, but he is still on the outside.  Ashley Judd is on the inside and her commentary is close to perfect.

Go give her a read.

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