Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Into new territory.

Gallup national tracking polls Jan 1. to Apr. 9 2012
Rick Santorum went from a no-hope third tier loser to the top of the Republican heap in the space of six weeks.  His lead didn't last, but since early February, he has been the true challenger to Mitt Romney, Ron Paul never able to expand beyond his fiercely loyal base and Newt Gingrich reminding huge swathes of the electorate - left, right and center - exactly why he has so few friends.
This doesn't change my opinion that Romney is the nominee, but it will be interesting to see how the other squiggles on the graph move.  Is Romney going to skyrocket over 50% immediately?  Will this be a bigger bonanza for Newt or None of the Above? I honestly can't tell, but it should shake out within a week or so, in plenty of time for the next contests on April 24.

Still the strangest electoral cycle I've ever seen.

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