Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy belated birthday to the gosh darned pater familias.

My dad turned 83 on Saturday and the family members who live in the area, that would be me (the short kid on the left), my big brother Michael (the tall kid on the right) and Karla (the one on my dad's lap) treated Dad to lunch in Crockett, kinda sorta the mid-point for those of us in the Bay Area and the folks up in the wine country. We were also joined by two more generations of our family, with Holly (a grand-daughter for my dad)) and Cleavon bringing Adia (a great-grand-daughter), who will be one month old a week from tomorrow. I also got to meet another grand-niece Avery, daughter of Nefera. That means though my sisters Jenny and Kim couldn't make it, they were represented by their granddaughters(!) Also in attendance were my dad's wife Beverly, Michael's wife Janelle and Karla's husband Tino.

It was great seeing everybody and many happy returns to my dad. I love you all.


Fran said...

Happy Birthday father o' Matty and Karlacita!

dguzman said...

Happy birdday to the man!

Matty Boy said...

Hiya, Fran and DG! Thanks for stopping by with the B-day wishes.