Friday, May 4, 2012

Trivia quiz:
Two way TLAs

When I was working in industry, someone noticed how many acronyms have three letters, so folks I used to hang out with started using the three letter acronym TLA to stand for "Three Letter Acronym". It could also mean the Texas Library Association or the Theater of the Living Arts.  Lots of TLAs are ambiguous like that.

Here are ten TLA that have at least two meanings.  See how many you can find.  Answers can be put in the comments.

      1. TLC
       2. GBH
      3. QED
      4. SRO
      5. MSG
      6. JMS
      7. ERA
      8. LBJ
      9. IPA
    10. MCA


Abu Scooter said...

TLC: tender loving care, The Learning Channel
QED: quod erat demonstrandum, quantum electrodynamics
SRO: standing room only, single-room occupancy
MSG: monosodium glutamate, Madison Square Garden
JMS: Java Message Service, J. Michael Straczynski
ERA: Equal Rights Amendment, earned-run average
LBJ: Lyndon Baines Johnson, LeBron James
IPA: India pale ale, Internet protocol address
MCA: Music Corporation of America, Museum of Contemporary Art

Matty Boy said...

Nice work, Abu. Only GBH remains standing. This one is a little easier for Brits than Yanks.

Anne said...

GBH in Britain = grievous bodily harm, but I don't know what else you had in mind. I had a look at acronym finder and was staggered at the number of possibilities. A friend of mine has written a sonnet composed entirely of TLAs, telling a story from DOB to RIP, very clever and funny. It's online here, you have to scroll down to October 2006.

Matty Boy said...

GBH is short for Great Blue Heron in birdwatcher lingo.