Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The metaphor of the malfunctioning robot.

Our political discourse is so fractured now that any factual statement about a candidate must immediately be followed by "The other guy is just as bad!"

But in some situations, it's not even close.

Mitt Romney has trouble forming sentences in English. It's not quite the non-stop babble of run-on sentences we've come to expect from Sarah Palin, but quite often he just puts a string of words together that can be deciphered, but the listener's first thought is "Boy, that was awkward."

Immigration is a hot topic right now with the President's executive order announcement, but Mitt hasn't really got a plan yet.  He says he'll let us know once he's elected. Some people may find that not good enough. But in his statement trying to stay above the fray, he said immigration was "...something I don’t want to football with as a political matter."

To football with? Football is now a verb?  I football with, you football with, he/she/it footballs with?

Something in his brain doesn't quite click. Maybe because he doesn't have a Southern accent we don't just immediately say "he's stupid" like we did with George W. Bush, but Romney's brain doesn't fire on all cylinders. With his general lack of feeling and inability to catch the full meaning of the things he says, the metaphor of the malfunctioning robot is very apt with this guy.


John said...

I am not a doctor, but I believe that motherfucker might be high-functioning autistic.

Matty Boy said...

John, you could be right, but if it's supposed to be Asperger's, I would expect him to be much more clever than he has shown so far.