Saturday, June 9, 2012

Mitt Romney makes it clear.
I am the enemy of progress.

Much is being made of President Obama saying "the private sector is doing all right". In this economy, that's not a good thing to say.

But then Mitt Romney answered and found a worse thing to say. Mitt says the "message of Wisconsin" is that we don't need "more firemen, more police, more teachers".  Usually, when Republicans attack the public sector, government workers are just called "bureaucrats", but now the enemy of progress are people who provide services the average person can understand.

I am at the bleeding edge of the war on government.  I'm a part-time math instructor.  I guess when I work for a private college like Mills (yay!) or the for-profit Art Institute of San Francisco (meh), I'm not a drain on the economy, but when I get my paycheck from Laney or Merritt (two community colleges in Oakland), then I'm an unsupportable burden.

I am nowhere near the gravy train.  Getting a tenure track position would give me a shred of security, but there are less of those as government at the state level keeps cutting back. Typically, when a tenured professor quits, the college hires a new one.  Two tenured professors at Laney retired last year and no position was added due to budget cuts.

There is clearly waste in government spending. There are people getting paid too much and some union contracts set up pension schemes that are unsupportable. Vallejo is a prime example of that. But a lot of government workers are just getting by or even sinking.  The Republicans have shown in no uncertain terms that they consider all of us the enemy.

Unless they budge from this position, I can never vote Republican and I will try to persuade my friends to join me in this pledge.


Fran said...

Mitt does not give a shit about firepeople. Hell, if his house burns down, he has more houses and more money.

More teachers? Why? His kids go to private school!

Police? Isn't there some private security force, maybe run by Erik Prince, that can do that?

I am not bitter...

namastenancy said...

What Fran said. ...I can't understand how working people continue to vote against their real interests. I was having this discussion the other day with a friend and neither of us came up with an answer.

Anonymous said...

They gots themselves a Template with the Wisconsin vote. White Male Blue Collar voters put him over the top . . . go figure. Unions are getting blamed for everything but let's see how state services go with new employees getting paid $10 an hour and no benefits. It's a rats ass game.