Saturday, June 30, 2012

New toy!

Long story short.

Money was very tight.

Union negotiated for retroactive pay for last three years.

Union won.

Money much less tight.

Using about 5% of the windfall, I treat myself to a new bike.

I shopped around at a few places and decided to go with a Carmel 5. It's not fancy, but it's very well suited to biking on city streets. It has 24 gears, so I might be able to climb some hills I have not been able to climb before. I got rear mounted baskets instead of front mounted, which should make braking easier when fully loaded, though I have to get used to them being there when I get on or off the bike.

The seat and handles are very comfortable, but I ride much more upright than I did on my old bike. I kind of feel like Miss Gulch. I suppose I should get a Cairn terrier, but I'm pretty sure he'd just escape if I put him in the back baskets.

In any case, any ooh's or ahh's would be appreciated, and if anyone has any experience with the brand, I'd glad to know the ins and outs.

Yay, windfalls!


susan s. said...

Nice Bike!! Ooohh, Aaaah!!

Padre Mickey said...

¡Excelente! I've been thinking about buying a bike lately, too.

Karlacita! said...

Yay! Specialized bikes are very good -- nice choice! It looks like a very comfortable ride, and stylin'. And yay windfall -- whew!

namastenancy said...

Nice bike - oooh and aaahhh and hooray for windfalls for the deserving. Happy biking.

Abu Scooter said...

Cool! The extra gears will be a big help when it's windy, too.

steve said...

I don't know the make, but recommend looking into a bike maintenance class - many shops offer them for next to nothing and sometimes bike organizations do the same. You can save a pile doing repairs and normal maintenance yourself and it is pretty easy once you see how..