Monday, June 4, 2012

Striking a blow...
for comedy!

I'm working at the polls tomorrow for the California primary. Personally, I vote by mail and will put a stamp on my envelope this morning.

Election laws have changed and now the primary is completely open. Everybody from every party is put in a big clump and you can vote for your favorite regardless of your party affiliation or his or hers. Dianne Feinstein is running in the primary against twenty three other candidates, and though I am a recovering political junkie and trivia whiz, there is only one name besides Dianne's on the list I have ever heard of.

Orly Taitz, queen of the birther movement, pictured here on the right.

The far, far right.

I'm voting for Taitz in hopes of the biggest mismatch since Bambi vs. Godzilla. If she comes in second tomorrow, she will face Feinstein in the fall. (Could Dianne finish third on this list? As a mathematician, I have to say I honestly can't see how. There aren't as many lovers of comedy or readers of my blog as all that.) This will force the GOP into an unpleasant choice.

1) Completely write off the largest state in the union.
2) Give money to a certifiably crazy person with a base consisting of people crazier than her.

Of course, I would hate to see everybody vote comedy and no one vote Dianne.  If you are a member of a household with two or more registered California voters, may I recommend you draw for short straw, the loser voting for Taitz and the rest marking in Feinstein? Maybe you have a favorite among the other twenty two candidates, I don't know. They all must have friends, family and neighbors, I suppose.

It's time this woman became the face of the Republican Party. They deserve each other immensely.


sfmike said...

Fuck Feinstein, one of the most corrupt old Dems in the Bay Area for decades, particularly with her organized crime hubby Richard Blum. I will definitely be voting for Taitz simply as an anarchic gesture, as will Tony whose absentee ballot I fill out too.

Abu Scooter said...

Holy toy doggies, Batman! Who decided to put a blond wig and a blouse on that poor Yorkshire terrier?

That picture of Taitz is unflattering, but not much more so than she deserves.