Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday numbers 2012, 6b: The Senate Races

I wrote my precious C program, so now I'm ready for as many toss-up races as can be thrown my way in the Senate contests. The news this week was strongly in favor of the Republicans. As of today, the most likely and median event is the Democrats keeping 51 seats, when just seven days ago they were looking at 54 being most likely and under 50 being nigh impossible. A big part of this is a poll that gives Akin a big lead in Missouri over McCaskill, but this was before he said women who are "legitimately raped" have almost no chance of being impregnated because of "natural defenses" some doctor told him about.  He has kinda sorta recanted, but he's a Tea Party candidate and the onus is now on him to show he isn't a nutcase, not unlike it was on Christine O'Donnell and Sharron Angle in 2010, to name just two big losers from the shallow end of the Republican gene pool so beloved by the Sarah Palin wing of the party.

New results next week. Stay tuned.

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tino said...

Yesh, Akin's got to lose some ground after that load of preposterous baloney.

Thanks for looking at the senate races.