Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday numbers, 8/26 part b:
The Senate races

Another week goes by and the polls show good news for the Republicans again.  As you can see, the movement from blue to purple was more than the movement from purple to red, which means this week was not quite as positive for the Republican cause as last week was.  The median result is 50 seats for the Democrats, 49 for the Republicans and Angus King of Maine as the semi-kingmaker, or more precisely, the compromise maker. The odds of 50 seats or better for the Dems before King makes his decision is now 69.2%

The major difference in the parties is that while some people are called moderate Republicans, like the retiring Olympia Snowe, when the Republicans want to filibuster something, they have forty votes come rain or shine.

Moderate Republicans are not as extinct as the passenger pigeon. They are now called moderate Democrats.

New numbers next week. Stay tuned.

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