Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sunday numbers, 9/2 part b:
The Senate races

If conservatives are looking for a ray of bright light, it exists in the numbers for the Senate races from this week. The movement in the polls for the past three weeks has been a steady march towards a more even divided Senate.  Angus King in Maine is running as an independent and looks to be a shoo-in, but he has not declared which party he will caucus with as of yet. Right now, the Democrats have only a 54.2% chance of having 50 seats without King, down from 69.2% last week.

People on different sides of the spectrum believe the media has a bias one way or the other, but the overall biases of the media are for new things, controversial things and close races.  Right now, Obama-Romney is NOT a close race, but control of the Senate is, and it's getting closer each week.

Another report next Sunday.  Stay tuned.


dguzman said...

How the hell could ANYONE vote for any of the repubs currently in office? They have quite literally done NOTHING but obstruct. How is that a positive?

Matty Boy said...

If you have been fed a steady diet of GOVERNMENT IS BAD AND SOCIALISTIC, it becomes easier to vote for obstructionists.