Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Stupid as a super power:
This week, starring Glenn Beck.

I have several people of faith on blog buddies list. I am not a person of faith, but these are my face-to-face friends or among my first blog buddies. I only take people off if we have a major falling out or they stop blogging entirely.

Glenn Beck, bless his heart, is a person of faith. He is not on my blog buddy list. No surprise there.

Glenn is self-educated. If his teacher was fired immediately, the level of American education would improve overnight.

Glenn thinks he understands the American Revolution. It is his field of expertise, much as Sanskrit poetry is a field of expertise of mine.

I know nothing about Sanskrit poetry.

Even in this, I have a leg up on Glenn Beck, because I KNOW I know nothing about Sanskrit poetry. He thinks his self-education on the American Revolution and the early days of the new Republic make him expert.

He loves comparing modern political figures he admires to George Washington. Rick Santorum reminds him of Washington. Romney now reminds him of Washington.

Easy lesson: nobody today is like George Washington. There is no universally admired national military hero, the most important thing in Washington's resume. Other presidents who are something like Washington are Grant and Eisenhower, and Grant of course is not universally admired, especially south of the Mason-Dixon.

Neither Santorum or Romney served. For Santorum, because of his youth, it wasn't even something he had to worry about. Romney did have to be concerned, but his college years and his work as a Mormon missionary in France gave him a free pass when others his age served in Vietnam, many paying the ultimate price.

I bring this up because Glenn has decided because his most serene friends are still serene that Romney is going to win, and the level of certainty that the media shows to the inevitability of Romney's eventual loss is a sign that his victory will show that it is a true miracle.

I can't see inside Glenn Beck's heart or mind. I don't know if he is an incredibly cruel huckster or a stunningly deranged true believer.

Either way, it hurts my heart to think of the people still listening to him, much in the same way I am sorry for the people who stuck with Dr. Harold Camping.

If they are just doing it for the cash, this is a level of evil I have a hard time comprehending.

If it is just garden variety stupidity, I understand it. Sometimes, people are so stupid they don't even realize they are stupid. This is what I call Stupidity As A Super Power.

Who knows? Maybe Glenn Beck is Aquaman and Sarah Palin is Shrinking Violet.

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