Monday, October 29, 2012

Sunday numbers one day late, 10/29: Part b
The Senate

This week was a big gain for the Democrats in the Senate. If the polls are to be believed, they are a stone cold lock to get 51 seats before Angus King chooses sides, most likely in the Democratic caucus given his position on filibuster abuse.

That first phase "if the polls are to be believed" is the central point. Partisan polls are working overtime on the Senate races. (Some may call me biased, but I do not count PPP as just another Democratic poll.  Since Rasmussen does NOT call itself a Republican poll even with its fairly consistent conservative bias largely caused by ignoring cell phone only voters, I invoke the Fox News rule and consider both of the workhorse polling companies unaffiliated.

If Rasmussen won't admit it's a Republican poll, just like Fox News won't admit it's a Republican propaganda channel, I will claim PPP is just another polling company.

This is Fair and Balanced.

I will report back on the Senate on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, bringing update earlier only if something drastic happens.

Stay tuned.

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