Monday, October 22, 2012

Sunday numbers, 10/21, Part b:
The senate

I'm changing the presentation style on the Senate numbers. Instead of looking at a month's data week by week with overlapping bell-shaped curves, here is information for two weeks in side-by-side columns.  The newest week is in red because the numbers were good for the Republicans, the median changing to 53 Democratic seats instead of 54. The big change came in the little sampled race in North Dakota, which looked to be a toss-up and now leans strongly Republican.

If I had a voice on the national level, I would chastise the polling companies for their choices of what races are important. Most notably, five companies have decided to let us know about the Senate and presidential races in New Jersey, where there has been very little movement and the Democrats look to be massive favorites. I would much rather see more polls in the more contested races in Nebraska, North Dakota and Montana. Just sayin'.

More numbers next week. Stay tuned.

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