Monday, October 22, 2012

Today's EV situation as of 4:00 PM PT.

States that matter today.

OH 59.3% Obama
NH 54.5% Obama
VA 59.9% Romney
FL 60.0% Romney

Romney needs to sweep these. Obama needs any one of them to win.

Plan B.
If Romney sweeps the four main battleground states, Obama's best option is to win NC, about a 25.1% chance if election held today.

If Obama wins just OH, Romney's best chance is to make combinations of the following states that add up to 20 EV

IA 38.2% 6 EV
CO 24.1% 9 EV
WI 20% 10 EVNV 16.5% 6 EV

If Obama wins NH but loses OH, VA and FL, any one of the plan B states can win for Romney.

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